Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Was Bamboozled!

Man, you won't believe what happened to ya boy this week, it's a long story that I'm going to simplify for ya. As you all know I've been currently searching for a j o b for the last 2-3 weeks. I was using all the traditional websites to help me, the,,, etc etc, but I recently put my resume on Career Builder. Bout 2 days after I did that, I received an email for a job opportunity in the metro Detroit area. Now, I'm definitely not trying to say in Michigan, but I might as well give anyone a chance, its not like jobs are knocking down my door... damn economy. So I went into this interview with this company called Boss Advertising, and it seemed kinda promising. The manager I was talking to was talking bout how they have offices in other states, and I wouldn't be stuck in Michigan, and the position I was going for was a Marketing Manager. Now, in my gut I felt something was not sexy about this whole situation, but I was still going to give it a chance. I got the 2nd interview which was the next day, and I was suppose to be observing the job I was applying for, but the first barrier that hit me was that I would have to be there from 10 am - 7 pm. RIIGHT!, EXTRA FLIPPIN' LATE! But I still was down for it. Come to find out they were trying to get me to sale door to door them entertainment books, I know yall know what I'm talking bout. It was 90 degrees out, no clouds, I'm in  suit, and selling some damn entertainment books door to door, oh hell naw. Lets be real, I went to college so I wouldn't have to do that. Well, yall  know me, I found a way to get out of there fast, cause I aint the one lol.

Quick Tips On How To Avoid The Job BS:
1. If you find it difficult to google them 
2. If you ask them for some history about the company, and they don't know.
3. If they call themselves on name i.e. Boss Advertising, but when the receptionist picks up the phone, he/she refers to the company in another name i.e. Advertising Executive Group (AEG)
4. When you walk into the office, and you see other job applicants, and you are literally MURDERING them in the business attire area.
5. When you find your business attire looking better than the employee's! 
6. Last but not least, if you aint feeling it, be upfront, cause it would suck big time if you are doing something you don't like to do.
7. LISTEN! Listen to what the employees are talking about, if you hear things like "I make enough to keep the lights on", thats a big L. I'm trying to keep the lights on, and have some cable, and a big HD TV, etc etc, ya feel?

More shall come...

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