Sunday, August 24, 2008

Artists You Should Get To Know

For a minute now I've had writer's block and didn't know what to write on this blog. I've written so many drafts that never got published because ultimately they weren't good in my eyes. However, a late night of listening to music has brought me something to comment about. 

So, my homeboy put me on this song called Brand New [Remix] by this artist who goes by the name of Drake, the song features Lil Wayne. The beat on the track is ridiculous, and the dude singing on it definitely rides the beat right, and Wayne does what he does; pours gasoline on an already fire track. What's amazing about this artist Drake is that he is actually an actor by the name of Aubrey Graham. If you don't know, its the dude from Degrassi. [Big ups to my homegirl who did the research on that.] As the music head that I am, I go and do some research of my own to see if this dude actually has some talent, and you know what? I'm Impressed. He's got a good flow, and good wordplay, and by the looks of the track Brand New [Remix], he can sing. Maybe my recommendations mean everything or nothing to you, but if you have time, give him a check out, I think you might like what ya hear.

.... It's funny what inspires you....

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