Monday, December 22, 2008

On My Mind

Its Monday again, and I had an eventful weekend. Well, I suppose Friday was the only real eventful day, but it pretty much set up the way I felt for the whole weekend. So, Friday was my birthday....yeah, mine. And it was snowing like it had never snowed before, I'm talking 10-12 inches. However, the lord must have been looking out, cause it stopped snowing at around 2pm. So, we went out later that night and had a damn ball. I had most of my closest friends, we was bottle poppin' and acting a damn fool. However, this also leads into a particular way I've been feeling. Now, as I said, my birthday was on Friday, but I seemed to have to share my birthday with another one of my friends. Now, I don't have any real problem sharing things, but the one day out the year, can't I be selfish, can't I have my one day? Every time I made a comment about it being my day, I'd get a side comment on the lines of "It's my bday too" or "It's not your birthday anymore after 12." Like wtf? People get one birthday, once a year, why you trying to end mine so early. The cardinal rule of birthdays are they start at midnight and don't end until you go to sleep; so technically your birthday doesn't have to end until 4am. And then, when their day finally comes up, I ain't walking around saying "It was my birthday yesterday! HAR HAR" Maybe I sound selfish, and maybe I sound a bit unreasonable...or maybe I sound like I make a lot of damn sense and just made a damn good point. I think I had some other things to say, but I forgot. Oh Yeah, this is my blog, so I'll continue to share my opinions even if you disagree.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't let that ruin your birthday or your weekend!!