Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things Are Getting Better, It's Day 3

Day 3 of the Bday-week blog posts. Today is a much better day, I'm slowly re-upping on my music, not back to normal yet, but we'll get there. So today's task was dealing with the club/lounge situation on Friday. I either get a small table on the main floor, or a big table on the lower level. It's a trip trying to get everything situated, mainly because I want everyone to come, but no one left out. Luckily there is a guest list I can place everyone on, so the freeness shall run long lol. I'm watching this old a$$ episode of King of the Hill. The animation was downright horrible, and the voice work was pretty bad...however, it is still quite entertaining. I came to a conclusion on my Tattoo Vs. Guitar Hero debate, and after a lot of thinking and talking with people who have and don't have tattoos, I came to the conclusion that I'll get Guitar Hero. It's not that I don't want a tattoo, but I feel that right now is not the right time. Maybe if I was 18 it would be right, shoot, maybe when I turn 25, but right now, I think I'm good on it (especially because I planned on getting it in one of the most painful places). 

So as I continue my task of re-upping on my music, here is a shameless plug that my homeboy Drew Costly requested. It's for another blog, so go check it out

Shameless Blogspot Plug

N.E.R.D - Sooner or Later

Enjoy, 2 more days!

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