Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Intelligent Respect

It's Wednesday, January 14th and I'm watching ATL for the 25th time. If you don't know, by now you should know that I absolutely love this movie. It's not the most amazing film, but the vibe that I get off of it is amazing. Oh yeah...Lauren London is BAD. Anywayz, you know why I like to write this blog? Mainly because I can talk about things that interest and are important to me, as well as talk about people cause the people I talk about don't read it anyways lol. So, next week is Inauguration week, Barack Obama is going to be sworn in as our new and first black president, and DC is going to be bananas; so its easy to tell that I am going to be down there. But that is the general fact, the issue I'm talking about is selfish people. I love how people try to be slick and ask you for things between fluff conversation. Do me and yourself a favor, stop bsin' people. If you want something, just be up front and ask for it, don't come calling people up, wasting time with the non-important info. Yeah, you think that if you cover the request inside a bunch of useless information that it will make it sound really doesn't. People can tell if you calling to see what's up and calling to ask for something. AND don't think your request is a favor for the person you asking, bottom line its a favor for you and only you. Now now, there are occasions in which a favor can benefit both parties, I'm not saying that doesn't exist, but the way you word things, put sentences together, all of that factors in. It's 2009 people, lets at least respect someone's intelligence and good will to do nice things for friends, family or just random people. However, let me end this on another note as well: Friends look out for friends; friends should go out of their way to do things for their friends and expect the same type of respect in return. If you feel like you are more of a taker then giver...I suggest you start to give, because once you get entitled with the role as a taker, it sure is damn hard to change.

Here's some music for your enjoyment

Searching- Young Chris Feat. Wale

Oh, and if you got time, search for Kid Cudi, he's nice...HOLLA!

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Anonymous said...

“We always talk about our peeps, how we be everywhere, When you need them the most, are they really ever there? See everything be all good when we havin fun. The difference is really needing a friend and having one…”–Busta Rhymes