Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jet Set Dot Touches Down For A Thought...or Two

Hey readers, how's life treating you these days? I finally found some time to allow my fingers to bless my blog with some mind candy, yayyy! So, lets cut the small talk down and get straight to business. First off, as of right now I'm in Houston. Its about 65-70 degrees outside and was sunny today, I call that a win. This being my first time in the city of Houston, heck, the state of Texas, I am kind of impressed. Houston's downtown area is hella nice and they have the best thing I could ask for: Chase Bank. No fee atms for me, no sir. So whats really good with this Chris Breezy and Rihanna situation. Now, I'm not trying to say what he did was right, he was wrong in every way for putting his hands on a woman. But I ask you this, why is everyone going so much harder on him then R.Kelly? Is it because the victim in the C.B. case is a famous entertainer as well and we never had an idea who the young girl was with R.Kelly? Cause honestly, even though domestic violence is a huge issue, I definitely think that being a child molester is worse. Shoot, R.Kelly was caught on tape having sex with a 14 yr old and then degraded her by "topping" her off. Both of these dudes need help, thats no lie, but I don't remember R.Kelly coming out and releasing a statement apologizing for his actions....

It's almost been a full week since Drake's So Far Gone mixtape hit the net. And from the look of many people's status' on facebook, it seems as if he's got a following. I have to agree, I enjoy this mixtape; mainly because it sounds so much different from his last one, Comeback Season. The production on this mixtape is top notch; every beat fits each song right. For example, when I heard Kanye's Homecoming off of Graduation, I felt that John Legend could have sung the chorus better than Chris Martin (Coldplay). Drake is definitely showcasing more of his singing side on this cd, but I have no problem with that, because he's not bad, he's actually very good and he does a great job of incorporating his singing with his rapping. Perfect example of this merger is on the track November 18th; the screwed beat comes in and he starts off slow, and chilled, but then switches it up on the bridge and starts to sing, it just flows perfectly. He even outshines everyone's favorite go-to artist Lil Wayne on a track or two. While I do feel that he does have a weak track in the mix (Let's Call It Off is not one of my favorites), its not horrible and can be tolerated. Lastly, I want to comment on how he ends the mixtape, the Outro is a piano solo; no rapping, no singing, no lyrics, straight acoustic piano. I think that is a classic way to conclude an outstanding cd. It's crazy how his mixtape is probably better then rapper's actual albums....this kid has talent. So if you haven't got a chance to listen to it, (I've been promoting it as if I was getting something out of it) go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Sidenote: I do want people to know I didn't learn about him all on my own, my homeboy Brian actually played Brand New (last track on the mixtape, however very old) for me. So, I do give the credit of being put on to my homeboy Brian....however, I have to give myself credit on pretty much being up on anything this dude releases; I just hope that his debut is as good as the stuff he is letting go for free.

Standout Tracks:

Successful (feat. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne)

November 18th

A Night Off (feat. Lloyd)


Sooner or Later

......the whole damn cd lol

Oh Yeah, new T.I. video for the masses - Dead and Gone

T.I. feat Justin Timberlake - Dead And Gone

Tomorrow I leave Houston for DC/Maryland, I'll Holla!

From now me Jet Set Dot!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Rhianna being a celebrity made the media even so much more into the story.Whereas the R.Kelly situation people looked at him in a different light. I think it's the obsession people have with celebrity, and celebrity sextapes, it's like the Kim Kardashian joint. Domestic violence is a big issue in our country, check Bobby Brown, James Brown, Chris Brown..the infamous, James Brown picture after he allegedly beat up his wife. Everyone is now happy for Whitney, if there was a Whitney photo released, I think the media would all be all over it. Celebrity vs. non-celebrity is the real issue.