Monday, March 23, 2009

Tryin' To Play Catch Up

Alright, alright, alright, I finally got some time to post more then videos, aren't ya hype? So check it, we'll start with the old news and lead up to the extraordinary news. First off, I was in ATL last week, and it was bittersweet. Reason for that was I got to see some old Howard connects and I had a ball with them. I met up with some of my friends at this hip-hop cipher down at this spot called the Apache. It was like the coolest thing I've seen in forever, straight out of a movie/tv show. It was all up and coming rappers doing what real rappers do... freestyle and battle. These dudes loved the art and it showed, they were going in, and it was refreshing to see someone rap without always trying to get signed or make money off of it. The cipher also kinda re-introduced me to what I am interested in. Ever since I started working, I semi-forgot what I truly want to do, and that is working in the music industry. Which brings me into why my trip to ATL was bitter. My boss straight complained about everything I was doing the whole time. She complained about me having a rental car and not taking public transportation, she complained about me moving trying to move to NYC, she complained about me not having business cards... you get the picture. Out of all this complaining, she has NEVER once said to me, "Hey Brandon, you did a good job with this event" or anything related to that matter. I'm not asking to hear that I'm doing a good job with everything I do, heck, what I do is apart of my job description, however, it would be nice to hear some words of encouragement or words satisfaction once every blue moon. As a manager, they have a lot of responsibilities, however one of them is to keep up the morale of their subordinates and right now, instead of looking forward to work, I'm dreading it.

Now, as I said I do have some extraordinary news. If I haven't told you yet or you have yet to find out, I am officially moving to New York City, Harlem USA! I'll be right in Harlem, W. 139th and Lenox to be exact. I'll be moving in the beginning of April and I'm having good feelings about it. I feel like this is just the start of bigger and better things to come. I just gotta stay positive and keep on grinding, cause it definitely pays off. So, if you are ever in NYC and you need a place to stay (only if I like you enough lol) holla at me, cause I look out for people who look out for me. 

So thats all I got right now, so leave a comment if you want to, or just read and comment in your head, its all good. I also did pick up some new music, The Dream, Keri Hilson and Jim Jones, so my next post will be dedicated to telling you if they are good or not. So until then, I'll holla!

Oh, might as well post a video :)

Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-yo - Knock You Down

....with the inclusion of Jet-Set Dot, I might have to also be called Dot de Harlem!

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New York Welcomes Dot!