Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Videos x New Music = A Good Day

Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.

First of all, this is one of my favorite songs on 808s and Heartbreaks. All he needs to do is release a video for Street Lights and See You In My Nightmare and I'd feel like he done his CD Justice.

2nd of all, if you haven't heard Asher Roth's "Asleep In The Bread Aisle", you are wildin'. I fu*ks with this CD hard, its legitimately funny and he actually is a talented word smith. He's a white kid from the burbs, and he knows it. He's not rapping about shooting people or pushing drugs or driving expensive cars. In fact, he raps about partying, getting high, and straight clownin'. It's refreshing to hear something different from what everything else is out.

Stand Out Tracks
La Di Da
As I Em
Bad Day
Lark On My Go-Kart

However, I do like to hear everything else lol. Rick Ross's "Deeper Than Rap" is nice as hell as well. I gotta give it more of a solid listen through, but it's definitely a solid CD. The CD has a real ol' school American Gangster (the film) feel. But honestly, I haven't really found the CD stand out yet, but I do fu*k with "Maybach Music 2"

Ok ok, as of late I'm really been on Drake hella hard. And I forgot to mention Detroit's own, Big Sean. He signed to G.O.O.D Music and just released his second mixtape, "UKNOWNBIGSEAN, Vol. 2" and its pretty good. The mixtape is heavy on content, 30 tracks to be specific, so you will definitely get a feel for who he is, and whats he about. He has a lazy flow, which some people can might hate and some people might love. But you know I gotta represent and promote good music... no pun intended. You can download his mixtape for the freeski at his personal blog UKNOWBIGSEAN.

Standout Tracks
Desire, Want and Need
Okay (ft. GLC and Chip Tha Ripper)

Lastly, Kid Cudi has a new mixtape by the name of "Dat Kid From Cleveland" It's not an official Kid Cudi mixtape release, but a fan-website's compilation of music. There are definitely some standout tracks on here, that further introduce you to the up and coming rapper, who is also on G.O.O.D Music. So if you get a chance, check it out, cause he's a dude from the Midwest

Standout Tracks
I Poke Her Face
Sky Might Fall
Look Up In Da Stars (ft. Wale)
09 Freestyle

"My girl look better than yours and I'm the only thing looking better than her"

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haha...oh sh*t, I came here hoping you would slacking since the move to NY..I was gon' put up that Amazing vid. Damn...I'ma get you one of these days.

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