Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts From The Idle Mind of Dot

Well, as you will soon tell this post is not about the new music that I recently acquired, I'll do that tomorrow, this one is one of them introspective posts. This might not be a very focused post, cause I have madd stuff going through my head. First of all, what is actually a hater? I feel like the word hater is throw around so much that people forgot the actual meaning of it. Like, what if someone is telling the truth, or just giving their own opinion on the subject, does that make them a hater? Maybe the term hater is just thrown out there when someone doesn't like what they are hearing about their actions/decisions. I do think there are actual haters out there, you know those folks who can not be happy for the good that is going on in someone's life. Like if I just got a promotion, a hater would be like " you only got it because you did [insert some bs reason]" However, what if that reason is true... does that still make them a hater?

Speaking of haters, what's the deal with friends these days? Lets be real, I got a ton of friends, I'm blessed. If I were to count all my friends, I'd literally have to use both hands and maybe a foot. I'm talking about real deal holifield friends; the ones who seen me in the worst of times and the best as well. But just because I have a certain amount of friends, does that mean I always have to be friends with them? Don't we as human beings grow out of relationships? What was working last week/month/year might not be working the next. Or maybe you finally start to notice that a relationship with one of your friends is more work than it should be. I'm not saying friendships don't require work, the good  ones do, however, there is a point where you're working more than your friend and thats an issue. It's a shame too, cause to sever ties with people who were once friends is difficult, but I whether take the short-term pain of severing ties over a long-term pain of dealing with ungrateful friends. Life happens, things change, some people wear out their welcome while others have their own room.

But you know what, I guess these are things that everyone goes through. Some people figure it out quicker than others, and some people never do. Here's hoping that you and I aren't the latter. 

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Anonymous said...

I agree, friendships are hard to maintain on a whole. It hurts even more when its 10-15 years of friendship but people do grow apart. People go off and discover new things in life, you change, your environment change...people grow apart and that's okay.

Some friends are stuck thinking the same way they were when you were 8,9,10 years old. In order to achieve greatness, you have to cut loose the anchor(straining friendship(s)).