Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Back and Stronger Than Ever

Haaaaa, I'm back, reloaded and ready for action. Remember that post about my computer....well I got it back and it feels brand new. I literally sent it out to get repaired on Monday and I got it back on Wednesday. Thats one hell of a turnover, I tip my hat to you Apple. Now, everything isn't cake and pie, I still lost EVERYTHING and I'm practically back to basics. Music can be recovered, documents are a bit more difficult and pictures are probably the worse. Yeah, majority of them are on Facebook, but I had them joints organized something crazy. It's whatever though, I'm making it work for me and it gives me a chance to re-up on things that I previously didn't have access to i.e. The Foreign Exchange albums.

Anyways, lets get back to business when it comes to this blog thing. Within those 4-5 days of not having a computer a lot of music/videos released. The Clipse released a new video, Wale finally released his long-awaited mixtape, Back to The Feature and a bunch of other random tracks been released. And lucky you, instead of having to search for all this internet gold, I'm going to provide it with you.


Amerie Interview

Clipse Featuring Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal

Mixtapes You Should Be Up On

You know what's good about this guy? He's not only a new signee to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, he is also a college graduate from St. Johns and he's crazy nice on the mic. I know I'm a big Drake supporter, but I gotta let this dude get some shine too. If you need still need a fix, check out his first mixtape, The Come Up. (I'll post that if requested)

As of late, everyone has been going crazy over Drake and it's understandable, the dude is like fresh air to the rap game (see: anything from Gucci Mane to Swag Surfing). However, I personally feel like people got up on him with So Far Gone, but if you want to get a real understanding of Drake's progression, check out his first mixtape.

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