Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever Had

[Update: Ok ok, I admit, this isn't the best video ever. It doesn't compliment the song very well and is pretty much a video girl's dream. However, you can't argue with the fact that it actually has some quality funny moments (see: Mighty Ducks reference, "All you did was teach us how to stretch", the fact that they lost HORRIBLY and more). But also, think about the situation.... it's a music video for a song off an independent mixtape. I doubt that he payed much for it and with Kanye directing it he was going to do whatever he wanted to do. From an interview I watched with Drake the other day, he mentioned that Kanye did all the casting, so Kanye shoulda kept the same girls, but added a storyline to it...could have made it more acceptable to the ladies. However, from a strict male point of view... I see nothing wrong with it lol]

[Update #2 - Taken from an interview between Drake and Complex magazine:

Complex: Everyone’s been waiting on this video. Can you take us through the making of it?

Drake: Yeah. The video is directed by Kanye West. Basically we decided, as opposed to taking ourselves super serious, we just wanted to have some fun with it. Myself, being a young man, a young single man at that, I kind of wanted to be real about the way I function with women at this current point in my life. Which is, I don’t have one woman that I call my girl. There’s different girls in my life that play different roles and I see at different times, but collectively they kind of make up the roster of happiness for me [Laughs].

Complex: Understandable. So what’s the concept?

Drake: The concept of the video is, I’m a coach at a high school and the girls of my life are all on my high school basketball team. Throughout the video you see us prepping for this big championship game, and my team ends up losing. You see the looks on their faces at the end of the video, but the moral of the story, I guess, is win or lose, you can still be the best to somebody. When women see the video and see all the breast and ass, hopefully they don’t take offense. Hopefully they see the real meaning.]


Brittney DuBose said...

OMG! WTF was that?! I got all excited cause I couldn't find it and I saw you had it on ur blog and I am highly disappointed!

Anonymous said...

HAHA...DOT never lets me down...I was coming to ask what you thought of the Drake video, you already had it up and ish..great shit man

Anonymous said...

I understand it completely... I still don't like it either. I still love Drake though so idk

Krystal DuBose said...

i am shocked. I dont like the video. I like "DOT" blog though. I dont understand the video at all. I mean i guess i see Drake's point of view, or what he was trying to do but it didnt come out in the video. I have got to figure out how to do this blog thing because it is great. but like everyone else...i still like Drake. I agree with Brittney DuBose too where Drake still need to go through the part of the industry where artists gets changed from a normal person to an artist.