Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabolous' Album Listening Event

Last night I went to an album listening session for Fabolous' new album, Loso's Way. And for my first real experience with something industry related, it was pretty cool. They played some of the tracks off the album, which I can say I was actually feeling, then played his accompanying short film. The film was what you would expect from any type of rapper, no real coherent story, yet I felt the cinematography was pretty good. Lastly, Fabolous came out and did a quick Q&A, which I had to get my Howard on and ask a question. The event was held at Helen Mills Theatre, a small intimate theatre that looks like its mainly used for live performances, not of the hip hop variety lol. But that actually suited the event better, it felt more like you were actually interacting with the artist because he wasn't blocked by some barricade or some big ass body guard.... and I did interact with him, so I can't be mad. Only thing that kinda annoyed me is the crowd of people at times. It was as if they didn't know how they were suppose to act in an event like that. As I said, I got my Howard on. When I went to go ask a question, I stood up and asked it, I let him see who was behind the voice. People in the background were yellin' out "sit down" etc etc.....Like seriously? Maybe if you had something to actually bring to the table your ass would ask a question instead of trying to portray some fake persona that you try so hard to keep up lol. Anywayz, in the end, it was a good event. I wanted to try to have a conversation with one of the guys holding the event, but it just got too crowded and didn't allow me to do that. But its cool, this is one of many events that I plan on goin' to, this one was just my introductory event to see who is who, so next time I can make it happen.

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"Oh I heard d.o.a..."

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