Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soundtrack To My Movie

My homegirl Nicole wrote a note on Facebook a good month or two ago with the same concept: songs that illustrate important events in her life as if it was a movie. So I was going to post this in a note on Facebook, but you know me.... I whether just post it as a blog post and keep it in the family. It also helps with the issue of tagging people, cause you know if you don't tag one person, everyone gets mad. So read, enjoy and if you see something you my like/disagree; comment.

Note** Its difficult to pick the perfect song when you have a limited number of songs on one's computer***

-Opening Credits: So Amazing - Kanye West

-Waking Up: Good Morning by Kanye West/ AM 2 PM - Drake

-Meeting the future love interest: Just Friends - Musiq

-Falling In Love: Show Me - Amerie

-Love Scene: Freak'in Me - Jamie Foxx

-Fight Scene: Who Dat - Young Jeezy

-Breaking Up: Epiphany (I'm Leaving) - Chrisette Michelle

-Make Up: Soon I'll Be Loving You Again - Marvin Gaye

-Another Love Scene: Crown Royal - Jill Scott

-Secret Love: Your Precious Love - Marvin Gaye

-Life's OK: Each Day Gets Better - John Legend

-Mental Breakdown: Half Crazy - Musiq

-Driving Scene: Drive Slow - Kanye West

-Naughty Night: You Belong To Me -Trey Songz/ Interlude - 112

-Flashback: Godzilla - DJ Assault

-Happy Dance: Dey Know Remix - Shawty Lo

-Regretting: Sooner Than Later - Drake

-Long Night Alone: I Wanna Know - Foreign Exchange

-Final Ending: Uptown - Drake

-End Credits: Kinda Like A Big Deal - The Clipse

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Anonymous said...

Man, sometimes as individuals, we don't know how the simplest things we do can inspire or uplift someone. I was going through the soundtrack of your movie, trying to see how it would fit into mine. Then I came across the John Legend each day gets better joint,I immediately had to turn that on, that's the exact song I needed to hear at that moment.