Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creativity Hiatus

Hey readers, its been a long time. Honestly, you might have to wait even more longer after this post. As of lately I haven't been in the writing spirit. Yeah, I might post some videos or I might post some sneakers, but I haven't really posted things that were on my mind. It has been difficult to find the inspiration to write something fulfilling and the last thing I want to write is so bs. It wouldn't be fair to myself writing it and you as the reader to read some trash. So, as I might still continue to post videos and things that aren't my own creations, I hope you continue to still check out the blog. I've realized somethings about myself recently that I need to work on and I'm going to attempt to focus on those so when I do get back, I'll be in a better position to offer you better content. So, until then, Thanx for the support whoever you are and be ready for a rebirth in better writing.

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