Monday, November 30, 2009

A Long Time Coming

Argg!! Man, I feel like writing is like running a mile these days: hard and tiring. But I got 20 minutes until this flight boards, so I feel that I might as well bless the readers with something new. Question is: Do I even have any readers still lol. They probably think I gave up on this blog thing and that it was temporary, and if you didn't think back and kept checking back to see if I updated...well my bad lol. Anyways, Thanksgiving just passed and it was a mighty eventful week if I may say so myself. Well, for one, it was like the first time I've been back home (Detroit) in about 7 months since I made that move to NYC. My mom had rearranged some furniture and added some new things to the house, but other than that, it felt like home. Oh yeah, she got a 3 series BMW and that thing is just a beast on the know I had to "test" it out. But that wasn't what made this visit eventful. It was the fact that on top of it being a holiday for all my family to join once again, I attended a wedding for my auntie and a funeral for my great auntie. It was like two different set of feelings thrown into one box. At first it was a feeling of joy and happiness; to see my aunt get married to the man that she loved and one that definitely loves her back. I was honored to be apart of their wedding and see my auntie really happy. And I look damn good in a suit.. lol. But as soon as that was finished, I felt that I had to turn my feelings into a bit of remorse and sadness. While most people don't have much interaction with the great-relatives of their families, I actually have much interaction with my great auntie. She was a remarkable person, and will definitely be missed. All I can really think of was the crazy notion that as one life was about to start anew (my aunt's wedding), that one life had ended (great aunt's funeral). It almost felt like a odd type of trade-off. But man, if you could have seen her funeral, it was a beautiful service and the memories that were shared by her kids, grand-kids, family and friends showed that she was definitely one of a kind and they she would be missed. I also found it interesting that the weather was wack for the entire week, I'm talking overcast, rainy, cloudy weather, except for the days the wedding and funeral were held on. Those days, the sun was out with no cloud in the sky, I guess God was saving those rays of lights for the most important days, and I'm definitely not mad about that. This trip home has opened my eyes to a lot, that friends and family can't be taken for granted, that life is a blessing, and that Ninja Assassin was a bloody-great action movie lol. But seriously, this trip home was a very rememberable one, my heart kinda hurts, but I think it's because I know that it knows I was past due for a realization.

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Welcome back Dot. The web was missing you.