Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Up to Detroit: Burn Rubber x Acapulco Gold - "Detroit Riots"

Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique and Acapulco Gold have teamed up to create the “Detroit Riots” collaborative capsule. Both companies are known for creating designs that start conversations, create debates and educate the masses all at the same time. The Detroit Riot series was inspired by the city’s Riots of 1967, that occurred as a direct result of many of the ills that are plaguing our society today like a troubled economy, high unemployment rate, police brutality, dissatisfaction with social conditions and the rapid population decline in many urban areas. The Detroit Riots series brings light to how far we’ve come as a society but also shows how close we are to repeating history if issues are not only addressed but corrected. Acapulco Gold recently created their “Spit” line of t-shirts, during the bank bailout fiasco that brought light to the financial and insurance giants who were going under due to predatory lending, which occurred in many urban areas. Some of their most popular designs were the plays on AIG, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Burn Rubber and Acapulco Gold understand the corruption that occurs in big business and through this “urban renewal project”, they are bringing light to the people who have felt disenfranchised for years.

To commemorate this collaboration Burn Rubber and Acapulco Gold reached out to eight emcees (Ro Spit, One Be Lo, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marv Won, Buff 1, Fatt Father, and Fat Ray) out of Michigan to contribute a verse to a song produced by Black Milk and inspired by the Riots of 67. In addition to the song they have also created a website where you will find ring tones, wallpapers and more information about the project that releases on December 26th, 2009.

(via Hypebeast)

I've actually met the dudes who own the store now and they are some of the coolest and down to earth dudes I've ever met. I'm really excited about this, gotta support the city that raised me

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