Monday, January 4, 2010

The iPhone Issue

You see that picture in the blog post below of my cracked iPhone screen? Well, it looks like my phone is going to stay in that condition a little bit longer. I found out that Apple doesn't fix cracked iPhone screens. Well, thats not entirely true: they fix them, but they charge about $199 to do it. Oh, you say "Brandon, don't you have the Apple Care Protection?" Yeah, I got that, but that don't mean a damn thing. Comes to find out that Apple Care doesn't really protect anything, only software issues, the battery on the phone, headphone jack, and buttons. You see how I didn't say anything about the screen, you know the biggest, most important part of the phone. Mann, I love Apple but how the hell you gonna treat your customers like that? You offer protection for every single piece of the phone but the part that you use the most. And then you have the nerve to look at my crazy when I say "I have Apple Care." What makes it even worse is on the box for the extended warranty, it says "Hardware: iPhone". The damn screen is the iPhone! Without the screen the iPhone would be... some weak ass blackberry or palm pre. I think what pissed me off the most was that the dude helping me never really helped me. All he did was suggest things I could do, all of which would be at cost of me. Then this fool thought he was doing me a favor by saying he wouldn't mark the issue so I could stay in warranty.... pardon my language, but Fuck a warranty if it doesn't do anything for me. Now I must find a cheaper alternative to fix this cracked screen of mine, cause Apple sure ain't trying to help. I should give Steve Jobs a call up and complain.


Anonymous said...

Calling Steve Jobs may not be possible but becoming one of the million satisfied blackberry users is...dont knock the blackberry

Anonymous said...

u r now the 5th person i know who has a cracked screen and either tries to continue to operate it with the cracked screen (which just makes the phone look horrible), is or has brought another phone (and them things r not cheap)and/or just calling it a loss and "downgraded" to another phone. so my ? is, is this phone REALLY worth the hype?

i totally agree with the above individual in saying dont knock the berry...or any other smart phone for that matter (and yes, i know most other phones may not compare to the iphone in your eyes lol)