Wednesday, January 6, 2010

iPhone vs. Blackberry

Ever since I posted the blog about my iPhone issue and used a statement downplaying the Blackberry, I got a comment or 2 from people showing their displeasure. I've also gotten into a few conversations regarding the on going battle of the blackberry vs. iPhone. I love the feedback, but I also like to respond to said feedback. First of all, I'm sorry to hurt all you blackberry lovers feelings, but just because the blackberry is the most used doesn't make it the best phone. Last time I checked, everyone who boasts about how great the phone is only talks about blackberry messenger (BBM). Other than that, what makes the phone special? The interface is basic, the phones look basic and it kinda sucks to have to pay an extra $$ for blackberry email. And while people have heard stories about the iPhone screen becoming cracked, I've also heard an equal, if not more, amount of stories about the blackberry trackball being a piece of s*#@. Come to think of it, my sister has a blackberry, and her trackball was so messed up that the phone wouldn't even read any of the scroll motions she was doing, and we all know without the trackball, the blackberry won't/can't do anything, except receive and end calls lol. Now, if you have a blackberry and are happy with it; great, I'm happy that you have a device that you like. However, this blogger is all about the iPhone and until someone can tell me why the blackberry is so great without mentioning BBM... well, you get the idea lol.

Oh yeah, I forgot, its funny how someone tried to play me about emailing Steve Jobs. I suggest taking a look at the link below, its very possible.

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Anonymous said...

If you have an ipod touch, you basically have an iphone without the calling features of course. Well, there is an app for skype,so you can make calls. Blackberry = incomparable to any other device.