Monday, June 28, 2010

A Date with the Booty Warrior

Season 3, Episode 9

You know the drill

Writing this review/post has been plaguing me. I know I am suppose to give an explanation about what the episode was about but I witnessed some crazy ignorance from some semi-self hating black people last night. I say semi, because its not all the time, but its enough for me to comment on. Anyways, lets review the episode. This particular episode was inspired by an MSNBC mini-series entitled "Locked Up", in which they interviewed inmates in the prison system. One of the more famous interviews was with an inmate by the name of Fleece Johnson, who had an afinity for...well, simply said, the male behind. He explained how being in prison, men are sexually frustrated and that the only out they got is to have sexual relationships with other men, whether its forced or not. During the interview, Fleece Johnson would explain how he would obtain it and constantly talk about how much he loves...umm...booty. And the interviewer just kept asking him questions regarding it, as if he was getting a personal joy of hearing about another man lusting after the same sex. The Boondocks also spoofed another internet video about a guy talking about using Peanut Butter and Jelly for his exploits, but I don't think I have to go into all of that. The main message of this episode was a more indepth look inside the prison system. Between the censor bleeps and talk of making love to another man, the character Huey was spittting straight factual knowledge about the prison system and how flawed it is. He talked about what the prison system was meant to do but what it ended up doing and even mentioned how some prisons are run by private firms that, in the end shouldn't be. The Boondocks then choose to present this episode that resembled those "Scared Straight" specials, in which troubled youths go to prisons to get lectured by inmates to scare them from doing any other illegal acts i.e. straight. Scared Straight used to air on network television and was completely uncensored. The Boondocks is one of those rare shows that actually takes many, if not most, of it's story lines straight from the papers/news/etc. Yet people talk about how coonish it is or how wrong the show is, however won't ever attack the originators of the content. Why does The Booondocks have to be coonery but MSNBC is just a new source? MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, they all exploit the hell out of true life, especially with shows like "To Catch a Predator". Lemme guess, because The Boondocks features a primiarly black cast and is created by a black man its automatically classified as coonery because they use jokes and satire to get their point across. You know why this show is so controversial? It's because it publicly says what everyone is thinking and afraid to say. MSNBC/CNN/FOX News and all those other news channels make millions off of violent and terrible stories, but they get a pass because they are just reporting? Excuse my language, but Get The FUCK Outta Here! What makes this even worse is that Black people are either some of the most supporting people out there or some of the most hating. Oh, we need to support black shows/stores/infastructure, yet we complain, chastise and degrade everything we are suppose to support. Somebody made a comment about them laughing at Detroit being the weave capital but not at the fact that kids can't read and then said that certain issues shouldn't be toyed with. Well, you are wrong, sorry, hate to hurt your feelings, but I rather someone toy with the issue of kids not being able to read than some weak-ass weaves, because by toying with the real issues, people will become aware of it and want to change things so they aren't being laughed at anymore. Sad to say this, but sometimes you gotta embarrass to make some sort of positive change, because if you are so damn scared to mention it how will it ever be fixed? My bad for the rant, but I really dislike self-hating black people and/or black people who put themselves at some higher pedistel and judge everything. Just because you are college educated doesn't mean your ass is smart. Anyways, I posted links to the video that the episode satired....courtesy of MSNBC :)

2nd Video-Clip <----I don't even know what to title this one lol

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