Monday, June 14, 2010

The Fundrasier

Episode 7

So I was about finished with my original write up of this episode and then my computer did some random select-delete and that was all gone. So I'm going to do the write up like I previously did it before.

1. The episode was a satire of school candy fundrasing and how a kid can sale about $5,000 worth of candy but will get a $20 prize.

2. They choose to relate the candy sales to drug sales, satiring movies like Goodfellas and Scarface and even hood favorites like State Property.

3. Like majority of their episodes, they hit a lot of their marks right on the head; like the parents at their jobs trying to get candy sales from their co-workers or people getting beat up because they are trying to sale on some other person's turf.

4. Riley's monologue at the end was pure classic (It can be found under the video). My cousin said it should be Emmy Nominated, I agree.

5. Just like in the movies, either in the beginning where the main character gets out of jail and gets back in the game or at the end when he gets caught, goes to jail and then gets released, there is that temptation of getting back into the business.

I honestly am enjoying this season a lot. Every episode is well-written and hilarious and the Riley character is so absurb its perfect, you can't say that he doesn't have some of the best quotes in the entire series.


"F**k you, f**k the plane you flew in on, f**k them shoes, f**k them socks with the belt on it, f**k yo gay ass muthaf**kin’ accent, f**k them cheap ass cigars, f**k yo yukmouth teeth, f**k yo hair piece, f**k yo chocolate, f**k Guy Ritchie, f**k Prince William, f**k the Queen। This is America। My president is black and my Lambo is blue, nigga. Now get the f**k out my hotel room. And if I see you in the street I’m slappin’ the s**t out of you" - Riley Freeman

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