Monday, June 21, 2010


Episode 8, Season 3

If you watched this episode its very evident what it was about, but if you failed to, then I guess thats why I'm here. Episode 8, "Pause", went directly at Tyler Perry's neck and cleaned cut that thing off. Everybody has their own opinion on Tyler Perry's productions, whether it be the stage plays, the movies or the TV shows, and from what I found it all sounds the same: He is ruining Black Cinema worse than BET. The episode went in on his Midea(sp?) character, the fact that while admist all of foolishness that he tries to incorporate some God praising in it all and that pretty much all of his movies/plays are the exact same: black woman, either successful or not, gets treated horrible by the black man that she is currently with, breaks down, goes stays with family in the south, builds her self-confidence back up, meets a new black man (who always tends to be more attractive than her last companion), falls in love, stands up against their abusive husband/boyfriend/lover, lives happily ever after. All of that as well as some random ass side-story starring Midea and her rebellious yet caring ways. The Boondocks even had the whole business plan of Tyler Perry down to the T; first the play, then the movie based off the play, then the TV show based off the movie based off the play; all starring the actors/actresses that were in the intial play/movie. The episode even touched on the on-going battle between Tyler Perry's productions compared to Ice Cube's. It's crazy how a former gang member/gangster-rap artist has better movies (and more variety) than some supposedly super-clean writer/creator. The episode even touched on the fact that some actors/actresses will do anything or play any part to get famous, in which you have to ask yourself, what is your self-worth. It was another funny episode, but as I watched the show and look at twitter, a large question that was asked by a lot of people was: I wonder if Tyler Perry/Oprah are watching this? I look hope they were, because it will give them some insight to what people are actually thinking about all this Midea goes to Jail, Midea goes the Space, Midea goes to the Grocery store BS.

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