Friday, August 20, 2010

Power [Official Remix] - Kanye x Jay-Z x Swizz Beatz

'Ye might have been a week late, but you can't rush greatness

It took me a minute to write this review, mainly because I didn't feel like expressing how I felt about the song because I usually don't post music on here that I don't like. But I think this remix was warranted a review. So in the immortal words of my boy Woods, this is about to be quick and dirty.

Simply said: Kanye spazzed on this remix. If people were wondering if 'Ye lost it, this track proves he still has it. Its crazy how people say Kanye is an average rapper, but then you hear lyrical content like this and I wonder if they are just saying that just to make conversation. I liked the fact that he kept the original beat intact, mainly because it was so cold already, but it does sound as if it was enhanced a bit, maybe an extra 808 and some church clapping, cause we all know Kanye loves some church clapping. The ending portion was a nice touch as well; old school beat, old school flow ties everything up very well. And I know I haven't mentioned Jay-Z at any point yet, but did I even really have to? Jay always comes nice and this wasn't any different. If anything, this remix was what Kanye was working so hard on it to be, Powerful (oh, pun definitely intended).

"I'm on my Van Gogh, I don't hear s**t"

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Laurice said...

I love the church clapping too!!! They played "Monster" in the club in BCN. Only the Americans were rocking to it though lol . . .