Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dedication to Cutty

Earlier this week I was presented with some of the worst news I have ever heard: one of my best friends was dead. It was a shocking and disheartening piece of information that has been doing circles in my head. I question why this happened? Why would GOD take my friend from this Earth? Why now? All questions that don't have any answers. But what it also got me thinking about was the rest of my friends as well. The fact that we all have lost an influential part of our close knit group. Sanuwell "Cutty" Landrum was and still is an amazing person that can't ever be replaced. To be honest, there aren't enough words in any language to describe the epic-ness of Cutty. He was a person who would do anything for his family or friends, someone who was trying to better the world by educating it and just a person who was a blessing to be around.

So on Saturday, September 18th, we will lay our friend, no, our brother down to rest. While his earthly body might not be here, he still watches and resinates in us all.

This all brings me to the fact that while people have 1 or 2 best friends, I can honestly say that I have 10. Now, you must think, "Brandon, you can't have that many", but the jokes on you...I do. I look at my friends and the relationships as a house. Each friend is a piece of the house that by themselves wouldn't last, but together builds a fortress.

I am the foundation of the house, I try to keep everyone together and the solid base of everybody.

Brian is the walls, he helps support everyone.

Adam is the locks, the security, always focused on the group's safety.

Aro is the lights, very welcoming, keeps everyone's spirits up.

Mike is the window, always a watchful eye.

Scott is the door, always welcoming new comers.

Pharoah is the paint, always attracting people, mostly females

Woods is the garage, at times separates himself, but still connected.

Matt is the weather vane, pointing us in the right direction

John is the car, sometimes goes on his on way, but always comes home.

and last, but definitely not least, Cutty, he is the roof. He watches over us.

So we have a house now, and the furniture that fills this house are the experiences and memories that we had with our friends. The good times, the bad times, the craziness, it all is an experience and a memory that makes our friendships that much better. And while we have lost a tangible person, he still holds onto that role of the house and ever other part just has to buckle down and pull a little bit more weight than the last time.

So I won't say Goodbye to you Cutty. Instead, I will say Until next time.

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Laurice said...

A beautiful dedicaton Bran.