Monday, November 1, 2010

I've Done It Again

So I have really been not paying another attention to this lil blog thing I got going on here. I honestly blame it on twitter, because some of my best thoughts are shared on there because its a quicker avenue to express it. Blogging takes a bit of time and after a long day or work or travel, I at times just don't have the energy to commit to it. But I'm going to change that and show more love to this blog that I got going and less love to that beast of a web app. It gets to the point that you might share some actually intriguing information or thoughts on twitter and they become lost in all of the BS and they never get their proper acknowledgement. At least with the blog, you might write a post and someone might not read it until a week later, but it is still read and appreciated (or you hope its appreciated). For instance, I happen to be out one night with a few friends and there was an altercation that almost ruined the night, but with quick thinking the night was saved, so I chose to goto twitter and tweet, " The night was almost compromised but we saved it. Power Rangers" Now, that might not be as cool to you, but I thought it was clever. Anyways, to sum everything up, I will be writing more on here, got some thoughts that I would like to share as well as some reviews of new albums/songs that released ( just heard the new Kid Cudi and N.E.R.D).

Until then.

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