Friday, December 17, 2010

Nike SB Shuttle Backpack

You know how I feel about Nike SB backpacks. My "Eugene" was a great buy, but this one right here might take the cake.

Here the description (via Hypebeast)

Nike SB adds another bag release under its belt with the Shuttle Backpack, a larger sized travel companion that serves as a carry-all for just about all of your traveling needs. Crafted with optimum quality, the bag features a rugged exterior that can take on just about any punishment. Featuring an all-black colorway, it offers a solid look with all of the bells & whistles when it comes to compartments and extra features. The bag itself zips out into two parts with each offering a fairly large zippered compartment. In addition it features a neoprene skateboard holder, leather accents, pockets on the ends, a padded laptop space, various entries throughout, duffel bag strap, and an accompanying small case for extras. Arguably one of the brand’s better built pieces, the Shuttle Backpack is now available through your local Nike SB stockist.

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