Saturday, June 21, 2008

Henchmen: The Misunderstood Support Character

Yesterday I went to the movies and I saw Get Smart. It was actually very funny, and definitely caught me off guard, but this post is not about the movie, but more about the unappreciated support characters in movies of this genre: The Henchmen. Doesn't it seem like the villains always have an unlimited number of henchmen? And what about the henchman's personal life? Do they have a family, do they have hobbies, you never know! What if this unlucky henchman was going on his last henching job, and was going to retire from the henching business, but he happens to get killed by the supposed "good guy". If you think about it, being a henchman probably doesn't even pay well, unstable workplace, mean boss, limited lifetime serving... it sounds like an L to me. You don't even know their financial status, they could be doing this because they just lost their job, or they gotta send Lil' Timmy to school, or help pay the bills. All I'm saying is that henchmen need love too, instead of instantly putting a bullet in them, or beating them senseless, ask them how their day was, or how they feel inside. And if that doesn't work, and they still attempt to kill you, put one between their eyes, because you tried lol.

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