Saturday, June 14, 2008

Review Time

This week of June had a lot of new releases. Lil Wayne dropped Tha Carter 3, N*E*R*D dropped Seeing Sounds, The Incredible Hulk and The Happening came out in theaters, and I either brought and saw them all :). First off, Tha Carter 3 is amazing. It's a complete album; he's got stereo bangers for the car, tracks for the radio and introspective tracks that he ACTUALLY raps on. I personally feel that this is 1. the first great album of the year and 2. his first actual classic. 

Favorite tracks:
Mr. Carter
Dr. Carter
Let The Beat Build
La La
Tie My Hands

Seeing Sounds is a remarkable album. The production is ridiculous,
 you can hear drums, guitars, everything. It's definitely an album that will grow on you, but you got to let it ride, because initially you're gonna think, WTF? But then you will start to love the unique sound they are bringing to a sometimes bland
 sounding music genre.

Favorite tracks:
Love Bomb

The Incredible Hulk is another amazing Marvel movie. If you are familiar with the original film that was released circa 2003. It takes it back to how the original comic was, a lot of destruction, lots of gamma radiation and none of that love story bs. Sorry Ang Lee, you might have done justice with Crouching Tiger, but not with the big green. Long story short, if you enjoyed Iron Man and the rest of the good Marvel movies, you will enjoy The Incredible Hulk.
The Happening is an interesting movie. It will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie, mainly because you want to see what happens next. Quick and spoiler-free synopsis: Something unexplainable is causing people to suddenly commit suicide. Easy said and done, the reviewers are giving it a bad time with their ratings, but take it from someone who doesn't get paid to tell you something is good or not; its an engaging and shocking movie, you will be entertained.

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