Tuesday, July 8, 2008

N-A-S-I-R, If It Wasn't It Must Have Been Escobar

Remember when I said that Tha Carter III was the first great album of the year? Well, it looks like Lil Wayne has some company, because I just acquired Nasir Jones's new album self titled Nas, also known as Untitled or the more infamous NIGGER. The reason behind the numerous names is basically because of the more controversial name. Nas, Def Jam and Universal Records received a lot of flack from the original title, even as far as pulling millions of dollars from investments. Anyways, the album is another amazing product from Nas. Even though his album title was censored, the content definitely isn't. Everything that he said he would touch on, he does and with a unique lyrical prowess. Songs like Sly Fox, in which he comments on the overly conservative Fox News to the unoffical title track N.I.G.G.E.R ( The Slave and The Master), where he raps, "They say we N.I. Double G E. R/We are much more/ Still we choose to ignore the obvious/ This history doesn't acknowledge us/ We were scholars before colleges" He embraces the negativity of the word but uses its strength to educate and show the true colors of us black people. I've had countless discussions with people saying that if Nas chooses to name his album NIGGER, that it has to be great, and he definitely succeeded. The production on the album is up to par as well, with beats from Polow Tha Don, Cool and Dre, Jay Electronica, DJ Troomp, and DJ Green Lantern, just to name a few; it definitely can stand on it's own. Yea, it sucks that he might not sale a million in a week like Lil Wayne, but if you like great music, great production, and lyrics laced with content, then Nas's album is a must to have. If anything, it is an interesting view into our own American Society and it's take on niggas.
Favorite Tracks:
N.I.G.G.E.R (The Slave And The Master)
Sly Fox
Fried Chicken
Black President

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