Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vent My Mind

(Sigh), It's about 12:23 at night and I feel like writing, well more like venting. I'm so tired of this situation that I am in. I'm stuck... stuck in Detroit with nothing to do while I am on this continual search for a job. Monster, Career Builder, those sites are a waste of time. Oh, they definitely get you in contact with companies looking to fill employment positions, but who the hell are these companies?? No name companies that can't offer no stability, or any real type of job growth. They promise you big dreams, but ultimately all you receive are big nightmares. Am I mad? Upset? Tired? Exhausted? I'm everything and then some... and yes I know, it has only been about a whole month that I've been out of school, but being stuck in this state, it feels like its been 3 months. I don't want to be a manager, I just want to focus on Marketing, hence the degree in BUSINESS MARKETING! Maybe I'm asking for too much, but don't I have right to ask for everything I want? I put 4 years of work in... It's whateva though, grind it out, try to keep sane, and attempt to keep my head up. Haha, who is even reading this?


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