Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick Stories (Brought To You By Yours Truly)

Story 1: The past friday I was lucky enough to go hang wit my peoples, hit the club in this depressing city of Detroit. Aro, Cutty and I went downtown, and hit up Asian Village because we heard that is where the party be at these days. However, lets speed this up, basically what is with people are trying to be up some front like they are too good to be anywhere. The club was full of people, the DJ was playing the right music, but no one was dancing. Everyone was standing around trying to look like they had it goin' on or something. Now, I was lucky enough to know one of the dudes who throws the party, so I got in free, but I know that everyone in this spot didn't get in free. So you tell me that people are paying good money to stand around and look at each other? Is this middle school all over again? All I'm saying is that people need to get off their high horse and have some fun, that is the main reason why you go out isn't it? Friday night must have not been the case, cause all I saw was females standing around, and dudes lookin' thirstier than hot summer day. Here's some advice: You don't find your husband/wife in the club, so stop looking and enjoy yourself.

Story 2: This particular story actually has me shook, and happened earlier today. I went to Borders to go read magazines for the free, and get out the house for a few hours. As I am leaving the establishment, this random black dude is following me, and starts to call for my attention. I turn around and ask what? and he starts asking questions about any after work spots that are around the area. We just happened to be standing behind his car, and I peeped that he had temporary tags. I start to think, Oh he must be new around these parts, yea I'll give him some knowledge of the area. I start to tell him that there is nothing in Birmingham, but he could go to Royal Oak and so on. He then starts out to ask me if I "hook up". I'm like "what?", confused and all. Then he starts to elaborate and asks if I'm on the DL. I TELL YA, I think I might have won the award for the most said No's in 30 seconds, and I quickly retreated to my car. 

Crazy stories right?! Well, at least the second one was crazy, the first being more observational.

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