Monday, July 28, 2008

Where In The World Is Dot?

Forgive me for the late posting, I've been having a deficient in quality internet service for the last few days. Last time we have talked, I was in the nation's capital kicking it with friends, watching DVDs and burning alive due to the intense heat that DC is known for during the summer months. As I continued my travels, I now find myself in Harlem, USA;  143rd and Lenox to be exact. Over the past weekend I've attended a birthday celebration for a good friend of mines, went to a hilarious dinner with one of my most cherished friends, and walked through Central Park for the first time. Wednesday I will be attending a ceremony for my sister who is being inducted in the BAR association; some prestigious lawyer organization. From there, I'm enjoying the time away from it all and riding it out. Yeah, thats my new lease on life, "Riding It Out". Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and see what happens. So right now I'm sitting in this quaint (yeah, I know you like that word) cafe spot on 110 ST and Central Park West, stealing internet and people watching. I swear I saw Paul Mooney today too, he was staring at me I think, probably wondering if I was gonna be on some ignorant ish and be like, "OH SNAP, YOU'RE PAUL MOONEY! DO 'ASK THE BLACK GUY'!" (And if you don't know who he is, go look him up)

I think I'm gonna bounce back uptown and go watch some snowy TV, cause that is what I'm dealing with at the moment lol. If I can get that good internet connect, I shall write some more, if not, Happy Early-Birthday to my friends, I'm Out!

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