Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I've Been Doin' In The District

Yo, it's funny as hell to be back here in DC. What have I been doing? To be honest, nothing really, watch a bunch of DVDs, recite priceless lines from The Boondocks and laugh at my friend's constant barrage of insults on each other. Yeah the nightlife is still alive and well here in DC, did some of that, but it has just been cool to just chill and be around good friends. We hit up College Park earlier today so they could sale some books, get some cash and what not. We found this CD Exchange, and they spent all the money they made from books on used DVDs and old video games. Right now I happen to be watching this dude Aro play old a$$ NFL Blitz on the Nintendo 64, and its hilarious cause he is losing (he won in the end).

Tomorrow I shall be headed up to NY for bout a week or 2, maybe even attempt to get one of those mythical things called a job. Maybe I'll hit up this lil sneaker party joint up tonight, or maybe I might chill it out. Who knows, and in reality who cares, not ya boy Dot, cause "I'm Rick Ross-in It."

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