Friday, August 1, 2008

Ill Doctrine: A Hip-Hop Video Blog

I have a great website that everyone should check out. It's called Ill Doctrine: A Hip-Hop Video Blog. It is written by this New York radio DJ by the name of Jay Smooth and I must say it is very interesting. What Jay Smooth does is post videos of himself commenting on issues within the hip hop community. Instead of speaking on specific actions taken in the hip hop community, he generalizes them into important issues that effect it as a whole. For instance, he took the story of Young Buck crying on the phone to 50 cent and talked about the lack of showing emotion in the hip hop culture and how it effects us as a community. A lot of his video blogs are on political and cultural awareness as well, such as How To Tell People They Are Raciest and Sly Fox (Fox News). Jay Smooth speaks a truth that many of us are afraid to say or just never generally thought about; all with a sly, humorous touch. With that said, I urge you to check it out and hear an interesting point of view of the world

Here are some videos to sample, if you find them interesting, check out his blog for the rest:

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