Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stuff That I F**ks With

For the last few days I've had a case of writer's block with this blog, and didn't have anything worthy enough to write about. I thought of this new idea in which I'm going to blog about things that I find hella interesting. Now you're thinking that is what I practically do now, but the difference is these particular posts will be a combination of things that I have find interesting without having to gain enough information to dedicate their own personal posts. These include brand new blogs that were just started to music videos to funny pictures I happen to see on the net. So now I'll like to introduce my new segment, "Stuff That I F**ks With".

The DayDreamer Creative Blog
My good friend had started his own blog recen
tly, and by the initial look of it, I know its gonna be great. He's something like an artistic genius if I may say so myself, so if you got a chance, check out his blog. Maybe he'll bless my blog with some of his art.

Everyone Nose Remix Video

My House- Cassie <------ The beat is ridiculous if I may say so myself

Paper Planes Remix- M.I.A feat. Bun B, Rich Boy, Freeway - I hate being the dude that gets up on a song thats been out for so long only because it was played on a movie or something (this being played during the trailer of Pineapple Express). However, this song is hot, and with some credible rappers on the remix, it gets better.

Fatal Attraction- Chris Brown - Can someone explain to me why this song didn't make the album?

Top 5 Games I'm Looking Forward To This 4th Quarter (No Particular Order)

Have you seen this movie in HD on a HD-TV? It's better than the theater

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