Friday, August 29, 2008

Once Upon A Debate...

This is not to be disrespectful to anyone, and if you take it that way, you can bring it up to me and we can have a discussion.

As you have noticed, I have posted videos of Obama's speech from last night. Lets be honest, I highly doubt that I will post McCain's speech, and I can care less. But me posting videos is not the topic behind this post. Last night as I was trying to watch Obama's speech, I happened to be over my friend's crib and his mother is a strict republican... and yes, she's black. Now, I don't think it's wrong for her to be republican, she has the choice to be whatever she wants, she can support the Green Party for all I care. What really annoyed me about the debate we were having were 3 particular things she was trying to insist.

1. That I'm ignorant and close-minded. I'm part of a small percentage; I'm young, black with no criminal record, college educated and on my way to get a job. College doesn't make you smarter, but it introduces you to new experiences and knowledge. I was already smart when I entered college, college just helped me realize my potential. HU! You Know!

2. That I and her son's friends are "bad influences" on her son, mainly for the fact that she said "I told you [her son] not to let your friends talk you into thinking a certain way. Lady, I respect everyone's opinion, your son is his own man, as I am mine. I believe what I want to believe, and you should allow your son to do the same. If anybody is trying to brain wash or influence your son, its definitely yourself.

3. She used the Bible as her crutch. If there was any good point that was made, and a fact that she supposedly never heard, she just used the Bible to support her claim. Now, I'm not trying to denounce the Bible in any way, but look at the bigger picture. American History will probably tell a different side of the story than European History, why? Because they were written by man aka human being. Humans are not perfect, we make mistakes, so what makes the Bible perfect? God probably did say what he wanted to be in the book, but man wrote it down, so man could have made a mistake in his/her transcribe. Shooot, for years I thought Jesus was a tall white guy, with straight hair. I'm not saying that the Bible doesn't speak truth, however it is left open for interpretation, so don't try to use the Bible as your crutch. That is why religion and politics are made to be separate.

Now, I'm not trying to be disrespectful in any way. I'm basically stating my own opinion, on my blog. If you don't agree, I'm not mad at ya, you have the right. You however don't have the right to say that I am wrong because I think a certain way, I won't allow that. If God gave me anything, he gave me free will, the ability to make my own choices and deal with the consequences. So don't tell me God's divine intervention made it so George Bush could cheat his way into office 8 years ago.

At this time, I'm going have to take a hiatus from writing this and go get something to eat. Maybe I'll write more later, maybe not. 

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