Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stuff That I F**ks With

Hope ya aint miss me to much, and if ya did you should be happy to know that I'm back with another session of Stuff That I F**ks With!

Blog time! This blog that I'm featuring on today's session is one of my inspirations for starting this whole blog thing. My homeboy Jelani Curtis, easily one of the most talented personas that I know. I see big things happening for this brother, so keep ya eye out, cause something you might be buying in the future will probably be because of something he created. WHAT UP!

Nike SB Dunk Mid-Charlie Brown
[Shout out to my dude PK for shooting me this pic]

Nike Air Max 90 Burger

Nike Sportswear has commissioned 8 high-profile creatives to i
nterpret 8 different Nike Sportswear icons. Creative director Olle Hemmendorff was chosen to do the Air Max 90, and without a doubt, he took the shoe to another level that makes us all drool with desire. Hemmendorff transformed the shoes into a burger with cheese accents and meat patty sole. These sneakers are probably as fresh as they come, but the question remains, does he only make them when we order it? [Thanx  Hypebeast]

Peace Sign/Index Down - Gym Class Heroes

My New Addiction

Last but certainly not Least...

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