Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stuff That I F**ks With

YAO YAO YAO! Do you hear that? It sounds like another segment of Stuff That I F**ks With. It does seem that every other post is another variation of this particular post, and you know what... I don't really care lol. However, I'm excited for this post, so let me get started.

N4G: News For Gamers isn't an actual blog, but its a perfect website for gamers. The website's job is to post all and any news within the video game industry. It's great way to stay up on what's new and hot because it simply posts the articles for you to read, and gives you direct links to the websites that they come from. So, if you're tired of going to the same sites that you are used to checking out, check out because you might find something new to add to your internet experience.

New In Music

Chopped & Screwed - T-Pain feat. Ludacris

Love Lockdown - Kanye West <----- [New Studio Version]  

F**kin' Wit You - Trey Songz

Turn Me On - Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne

If U Leave - Musiq feat. Mary J. Blige

For you Playstation 3 owners, they released their free weather and news channel called Life With Playstation. The service offers up to date weather reports and news stories from all over the world, so if you are curious what is happening over in Budapest, its nothing but a click away. Now you can get your knowledge up on worldly events before you play your game. This is a free download when you update your Folding @Home application.

Folding@Home is an application run on the PS3 by Stanford Unversity's Chemistry department in which they do simulations of protein foldings and misfolding to better understand the development of diseases. For better understanding of what I'm talking bout, go check out the link I provided. And they say you can't be productive while playing video games...

Remember that artist Drake I was going on about a few weeks ago? Well, come to find out the dude signed a deal with Interscope Records. So Big Ups to him, I'll be looking forward to that album,

As you can tell from the headlining picture, I acquired the shoes of my admiration. Now, what is crazy is that I wasn't responsible for the buy, instead someone special put work in, and made it happen. So, this video I am posting is dedicated to you.

I start work tomorrow... Time to get it!

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