Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy Days

Man, it has been raining all day. I haven't been doing nothing at all. I didn't even attempt to go work out, cause it has been raining all day, raining hard. So what have I done today? Hmmm, watch TV, play Call of Duty 4 [No Halo you ask, Halo has been pissing me off lately]. Oh, and lets not forget about that fateful nap, that was definitely going to happen. Even though the rain definitely killed all my plans that I had for the day, I'm not going to say I didn't like it. I love it when it rains, its relaxing and soothing. And it gives me the chance to play Xbox/PS3 all day and not feel bad because its nice out. I spent a lot of time online, reading random blog posts, mainly because most websites don't update on the weekend or if they do, its very inconsistent. Also, please forgive my own inconsistencies within this post, I'm just writing whatever comes to mind that I realized today. For instance, I sometimes feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Not in the sense of I have a car, so I'll drive or I have money, so I'll pay, but in the idea of friendship. Ever have that one friend that if you need to talk to them they seem to give you half the amount of attention, but if they are talking to you, you do the right thing and give them 100%. That really annoys me, cause it's like damn, I listen to you rant about this and that, but when it's my turn they seem to not answer their IMs or phones. What if I had to tell someone that I'm moving far far away, but I couldn't relay that information because they are too stuck on their own agenda. I understand people are busy, got things to do, but friends/family should always come first... thats what I thought at least. I am not happy. I don't think I've been happy for a while now. Its the same thing, day in and day out, nothing new nor exciting happens. I wake up and do the same things everyday, make the same calls, run the same time limit, lift the same weights, and I am alone. Its kind of odd, because I do have moments when I am happy, or I feel happy; however it doesn't last long. I tend to always revert back to feeling the same. I wish I could disappear for a minute, I'd like to see how people would react. I also dislike when people call me, knowing that they are already having a side conversation. That means the focus isn't on me, the person they called, so instead I hear the entire conversation with the other person in the room, why do I want to hear that? I'm writing this post as a long paragraph instead of breaking it up, mainly so I can see who really reads it. I'm hiding all the good stuff in the middle of the paragraph; cause if anyone is like me, when they see a long paragraph they don't read it, they skim it. And who the hell reads my blog anyways? I think I write this so I can read my own work, cause no one ever says, "Hey B, I read your blog the other day." Or if I post a video or a song or whatever, and then someone sees it on a different website a week later, and they come to me talkin bout, "Ay, did you see/hear this?" And I'm thinking, "Uh, yeah, I posted that on my blog a week ago, which shows that you don't read what I put so much work into writing." THANKS! I've seen this Dave Chappelle comedy special that shows on HBO and sometimes on Comedy Central like 10 times, not as much as one of my homegirls, but still thats a lot.... and I ain't gonna lie, its still hilarious. I think I'm done today or tonight or mid-evening, whatever time you think it is when its 10:25 in the evening. 

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