Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today Was A Good Day...

September 9th has been a pretty decent day... well, for me at least lol. I acquired two new albums, one by the Gym Class Heroes entitled "The Quilt" and another by the artist Ne-Yo entitled "Year of The Gentleman." I've also received the last official papers that now make me an actual employee of Oracle, GET MONEY!

The Quilt is the third album from the Alternative Hip-Hop/Rock band Gym Class Heroes. Yes, I didn't make a mistake, this is their third album, the critically acclaimed As Cruel As School Children was actually their second. Anywayz, The Quilt is actually a pretty decent album, and to be honest it's probably better than I know as of now. The reason why I say that is that the Gym Class Heroes have a distinctive sound, and sometimes the sound they create has to grow on the listener. The album is majority produced by Patrick Stump[ Fall Out Boy] and Cool and Dre, while The Dream and few other producers helped with a track or two. Gym Class Heroes isn't for everybody, but if you take the time to listen to the lyrics and the production, you actually might find you like them more than you think.

Hot Tracks:
Don't Tell Me It's Over
Coming Clean

Year of The Gentleman is the third album from the critically acclaimed writer/singer Ne-Yo. Personally, I feel that this kid just gets better with every album. The production is top notch, with a lot of up tempo tracks. [Reason why I don't know the producers is because I got it as a leak, the actual CD doesn't come out until September 16] I've only gave it one listen to at this moment, but I like what I hear. My only complaint is that I don't hear that one super slow jam that Ne-Yo usually has, you know, that "Say It" or that "Mirror" track. However, despite that not being there, I see myself listening to this CD more and more.

Hot Tracks:
Why Does She Stay
Miss Independent

Nike SB "Tokyo" Mid Dunk

808's & Heartbreak
December 16th

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