Friday, October 24, 2008

Goin' For The Gold

Post #5 of the week, I might just be on my diddy bop aka Ciroc Obama. Naw, not me, but  I did receive a request to write another post today, mainly because they were going on about how they were bored at work and needed something to read. So, this blog post might be a little random, a little fun and a little crazy, but isn't that practically normal for me?

First and foremost... why didn't Burt and Ernie ever get their own spinoff show or movie. Elmo got one, Big Bird got one, even that one red one who I never could remember his name, but always asked questions got some love. Burt and Ernie were like the odd couple of Seseme Street. Two random dudes living in a house together; Ernie who was the one who had free-spirit and some type of irregular love for his rubber ducky, and Burt who was uptight and lame. The only thing that was bad about them was that they slept in the same bed....yeah thats bad, but only to the adult mind, kids thought they were just cool. So I say give Burt and Ernie their time that is due, Burt and Ernie a chance to shine.

Halloween is approaching us. Horror movies, red and yellow leaves on the trees and haunted houses. I'm looking very forward to hitting the latter up, mainly because it's like a tradition in my family. I know yall heard this story a million times, but I've been doing the haunted house thing since I was bout 6 years old. I'm a vet in the game, and being at Howard for 4 years kinda put a dent in this annual tradition. So, even though I highly dislike being in Detroit, I do get to get reacquainted with an old tradition; hitting the apple orchard up, going to some haunted houses and carving some good ol' pumpkins. I'm a simple man, it doesn't take much to make me happy, and the holidays are a prime example of that.

Now, where the hell did this song Pop Champagne come from?! And why does it hit, I heard this when I was down in DC at this alumni party, and I was impressed. Straight party song right here. I would post a link to the song, but I gotta chill on that for now. Someone dropped a dime on me earlier this week, and I got an email from the Blogger Police talking about how I had copyrighted material on one my posts and that I needed to get rid of it. So I had to go in and delete one of the posts that I put work into. Its funny cause I get my links from other blogs, I feel like I'm just spreading the wealth, and it's not like I'm giving whole CDs away, just a song here and there. So...since I'm taking a minor break from posting music, there isn't a rule that says I can't HINT to you where to get the links. 

AHEM! just go to google, type in the song title, the artist name and and see what happens...I'm just saying...

Aww snap, my mind just blanked and I forgot what I was going to write next, so until next time...

"Hip-Hop aint dead it just had a heart-attack, but you see I keep it pumping, yeah I got that heart back, soliders call me lil Carter or lil cardiac"
-Lil Wayne "Last of a Dying Breed (Move The Crowd)"

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