Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneaker Addict Vol. 4

Ooh, yall must be real hype, cause this week alone I have wrote 3 posts already, and now I'm going for number 4. Yeah, 2 of the 4 were on the serious-side of my writing, but that is what a blog is suppose to be, a written expression on how I feel, good or bad. Well, this posting is the return of Sneaker Addicts.

P.S. I said before that I have fixed the blog so anyone can post, however if you don't have an account with blogger it comes up as just anonymous. Now I have no problem with people leaving comments without their names, but if you would like to match the name with the comment, that would be great.

P.S.S As you noticed I've been putting lyrics on the bottom of my posts, those lyrics can either be in relation to how I am feeling or just what I'm listening to at the moment. You decide. 

Nike Dunk/Air Force Hybrid- Dunkel

Nike SB Dunk Low-Brazilian Fabio

Nike Dunk High ACG (All Conditions Gear)

Supra TUF Vader

"You given me someone that I can believe in, I know there will be times where we will get in disagreements. But I know we'll figure out the ups and downs, tell me are you willing to take a chance"
-Usher "Lifetime"

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