Monday, October 20, 2008

A Letter To My Friends

Usually my blog consists of fun facts, random postings and upbeat personality. Well, I just want to diverge from that format for a second and write a letter to my friends, and family. I want to express the fact that without my friends and family I would not have got this far in my life. The support I have received, the help, the advice, whatever it was I appreciate it. I will give this promise to everyone that I plan on being a better person, a better friend, a better boyfriend, a better brother and a better son. I think we all get lost at times with our own lives and forget that there is so much more. Now you're probably thinking where the hell is this coming from? But there is a reason behind it, more than the events of the past weekend, but events of the past months. I have lost friends, gained crucial friendships back, made mistakes and had successes. I don't plan on going into specifics, and I'm not looking for your sympathy. I am just looking for acceptance of my new promise. If you read this, you can post a comment if you like, but I'm not asking you to, it can be a silent acceptance if you like. All I do ask is that you forward this posting to someone you think deserves to read it, because it is made for everyone who knows me and for those relationships that I cherish. So thanks again for your time, and the next post will be back to my regular content.

"I'ma dust my shirt, and fix my pants, Because I better look good girl cause this my chance"
-Drake "Sooner Than Later"

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