Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Something Like An Update

Yoyoyo, I'm back with another post. Nothing spectacular, just a few things on my mind and a video posting. So, by this time tomorrow I'll be back in the District going crazy. It's homecoming time down at the great Howard University, and everyone is spending their hard earned dollars to attend this annual celebration. I guess this homecoming might be the most important one because its post-graduation. Even though the economy is going to hell, and acquiring a job/career is as hard as winning the lottery, people are going to try to see who is doing what and who is doing nothing. It kinda sucks in a way because you only have two options that will seem acceptable; either you have a job or you are in some type of grad school (law, business, etc). No matter how bad the economy is doing, how low the stocks are dropping, people are going to be super judgmental this weekend. How bout we not fall into that abyss and try to be a better person. Cause I personally think that getting out of college is a huge accomplishment in itself. 

I watch a lot of Scrubs on Comedy Central. I like the fact that when it plays back to back, the second episode starts right away. The credits run right when the second episode starts, so it keeps you in the mood of the show without taking you out because of standard credit roll, commercial, start up episode. 

Very Simple: Beyonce and her dancers in her new video....GOOD LAWD!

Oh, so I finally figured out how to allow anyone post a comment on my blog. I don't know if anyone tried to post before, but now you can without being a blogger member. So..... hopefully we will start to see some actual interaction on the blog....

As I promised: Chopped and Screwed - Tpain ft. Ludacris

I don't know what's up with these Green Screen videos, but it must be because they are cheaper than doing it on location.

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