Sunday, October 5, 2008

You Know I Gotta Speak My Mind...

I haven't posted any of my opinions or thoughts lately. I've been a bit quiet, but I think I'm going to take some time out of my Sunday and write some things out. Here's my first issue, so I know you all have heard that "The Law" has been trying to come down on kids, usually African-Americans, who wear sagging jeans that in-advertly might show their undergarments. I've seen You-Tube videos where they show police officers harassing young black kids about their pants and read articles about how they are trying to pass laws to outlaw the wearing of sagging pants. But what about these white kids? I was in the mall recently, and this white dude was wearing these jeans with hella holes and tears in them, and you could easily see this dude's undergarments, but I BET MONEY, that he's not getting stopped any time soon. F**k if thats the "style", cause in some cultures, sagging your pants is the "style." If these police officers are going into the urban communities looking for this bs, they better go into the suburban communities as well, cause I'm seeing everything from torn up jeans, to skirts shorter than Ne-Yo's hair (we all know he damn near bald lol)

My homeboy started his blog, I suggest giving it a check out. Its called A Microcosm of an Intellectual Scatterbrain. I usually write about brand new blogs in my Stuff That I F**ks with segment, but I like how the fact that he has wrote one post and already has 3 comments.....But seriously, its cool to hear people's opinions on whatever, and thats what his blog is, as well as mine, speaking one's mind. 

It seems like everyone has a damn reality show today. On some realness, I'm tired of watching these white kids do nothing and getting paid for it. What makes their lives more important than mines? I bet if I was given a show, it could be as good as The Hills or whateva is out these days. People say, "Brandon, your life isn't exciting enough. Those kids be going to exclusive parties and this that and the third." Ummm... they get into those parties because they have the show, the get their jobs cause of the show. I know my friends are ten times more interesting than them dumb kids. Instead all I get is HNS aka Hater Nigga Supremes. I swear, I happened to turn it on one day, and one dude was complaining that his girlfriend's sister was staying at the house and she was in his way. And what was he doing that was so important? Working out, watching his Comcast cable, and ultimately being a lazy ass bum. Oh how I love it all...

I saw Jay-Z in concert last night...amazing as always. I've seen Jay-Z in concert 3 times, 2 of which were free (like last night), and I tell you he always kills it. From the new music he has out to the old classics, he knows how to put on a good show. Last night it was just him, and a live band on stage. Not 100 background niggas, no mic man, none of that bs, just Hov. It was an Obama themed night, he was performing on behalf of Obama and trying to get everyone registered to vote, because this is going to be one of the most historic elections coming up. Throughout the show he would stop between songs and promote Obama, but he always said "I'm not telling you who to vote for, I'm telling you who I am voting for." I feel like that is the best way to do it, everybody is trying to force you to think one way, and is trying to force you to vote for one particular person. Like if you don't vote for person A, you're going to damn, I aint tryin' to burn lol. Anywayz, Hov killed it, he is a legend, the best in the game.

I love that Swagger Like Us, and my new favorite artist Drake just went off on it, check it out

I'm gone, I'll write later

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