Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just An Observation

What do you think about your relationships with your friends? Do you think they are healthy, respected friendships, or do you feel like there is something a bit odd with them? I don't want to make someone question what they cherish most, but nothing is perfect right? I personally reevaluate my relationships a lot of the time, maybe not with the actual person, but with myself. I like to ask myself if the relationship is working, what can be done to fix it, or if I just need to give or be given some space. 

Friendships are 50/50, if you call your friend up all the time to complain or brag about something you did, but you tend to notice they don't do the same, then your relationship with that friend isn't 50/50. It's more like 70/30, with you being the 30. I bet money that they want to bring issues that are bothering them, or share experiences of success with you, but you probably don't care because its not you. Sometimes people aren't actually aware that they may be acting like this, and thats fair. But if this person is supposedly so close to you as you always proclaim, then you are probably in the wrong. My suggestion: Ask them how they are doing for once. Ask if they have anything in particular to talk about, because a person will at times not say anything that is bothering them mainly because of the fact that whoever they are talking to isn't going to take it seriously.

Hey, what about those friends who seem to think that they have so much invested in your life. You know, the friends who you can't make a move or decision without them putting their two cents in. Well, maybe it's not that serious, but you get the picture. Here's a perfect example: You had previous girlfriends/boyfriends, and for some odd reason this one particular friend had made it so they became close friends with said boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm not talking about a regular "hey, how ya doin'" friend, but a "I have a secret to tell you" friend. So now you got a new gf/bf, but its not possible for your friend to get close with them, and even though they are out in the open with it, you can see that it bothers them because they aren't in your business like in the past. Or what if this friend thinks you must do everything together, as if you are two bodies and one brain. My advice: I don't have any in this situation, maybe you should just be up front, and tell them you get off your....umm, yeah. 

Friends are interesting people, they are a physical description of your character. They say you are who you hang with, so if you hang with bitches, most likely you are a bitch as well. This post is not trying to tell anyone who to hang out with, or who anyone is. It's more of an observational piece, something to get people to think about what's going on. Maybe I'll start to do this more often.

"Reppin for the hell of it, hella rich/ Never have to sell a brick again, must I tell a bitch again/ The bullshit I address, check it I'm on some next level shit/Never been fucked in the game I'm celibate"
T.I. "I'm Illy"

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