Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My President's Black, My Lambo's Blue.....

Great googly moogly, did last night really just happen? Did people really go out on November 4th, and vote? Did we really just elect an African American president? Ummm....yeah! So many people thought it was impossible and improbable to have one. They said it was ridiculous to think that way, but this Chicago senator proved the masses wrong. But he didn't only prove the masses wrong, he proved the world that change is real. Obama talks about change in his speeches, he preaches it, he bleeds it, and I can honestly believe in him. The first major change happened last night; we got them bum-ass republicans out of the house, gained control of the senate and is ready to start a brand new day. It's a beautiful thing. Now, lets get this clear, just because he won doesn't mean 1. that changes are going to start immediately and 2. that we can just sit around and watch things happen. We as a community, as a nation, as Americans have to help this man, so we can help ourselves and this country. We are in a time when life is great, and history was made. I can honestly say I have this new sense of pride that was instilled in me by Obama. I could go on and on about how amazing this situation is, and how opportunities are opened for us all. But to be honest, I'm tired of the politics, and I'm ready to get back to normal conversations lol. So again, Congratulations Barack Obama, you got one hell of a job to do.

"Lendin my poetical genius, to who-EVER may need it/ I BLEED this from Queensbridge, now living with my feet up /Never defeated so a president's needed /You know these colored folks and Negros hate to see one of they own succeeding /America, surprise us, and let a black man guide us"
Nas- "Black President"

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