Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stuff That I F**ks With

Woo, its been quite a while since I've wrote a segment of this, mainly because it takes so much time to actually find all the stuff that I like. So here it goes, Stuff That I F**ks With.

Cool Website:

The title says it all. You need some help finding a particular shoe, or a respected store to buy your sneakers at. This site will help you find what you need and wo
n't lead you to them fake websites that will ultimately rip you off.

New Albums:

Kanye West- 808s and Heartbreak
I f**ks with this CD hard. People might hate the fact that he's "singing" on this CD, but I love the fact that he's trying something different. He's experimenting with a new sound, and I think it works. The production on this album is on point as well. Every Kanye CD from The College Dropout to Graduation, he has shown amazing growth as a producer. The beats on the album help convey the overall tone: Heartbreak. But don't worry, he said he'll have that good ol' rap album next year. So, treat your ears to some G.O.O.D music.

Hot Tracks:
Street Lights
See You In My Nightmare
Pinocchoio Story
Ludacris-Theater of The Mind
Six albums in the game, and people always forget about the talented rapper/actor. Ludacris comes back with a super-banger with this album. It's full of guest appearances from the likes of T.I., Nas, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and T-Pain; just to name a few. I was a little disappointed with his last album, Release Therapy, but Theater of The Mind impresses me. The production is on point, Ludacris is easily one of the best lyricist that everyone forgets. He has a ridiculous flow and killer punch lines, and can hold his own with the greats. Besides one track that falls short of being good to me (the Jamie Foxx assisted Contagious), every song is a good listen. While people are debating who is Top 5 or Top 10, they better include Ludacris on that list, cause he's definitely fighting for it.

P.S. Yes, he rips the intro like always.

Hot Tracks:
Last of a Dying Breed
I Do It for Hip Hop
Nasty Girl

Fly Gear

Nike Blazers-Playstation 3

Nike Dunk High SB-Owls 

Stussy x Schott Wool Onestar Jacket

 I got everything in the World figured out/But I can never seem to find what real love is about/But do you think I'll sacrifice, real life/For all the fame and flashing lights
-Kanye West "Pinocchio Story"

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