Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is an odd blog posting I'm doing today. I'm chillin in the
barbershop waiting to get my line up, and I started to think about
straight randomness. For one, why do people like to be stagnent? I was
talking to my friend the other day about a variety of things from
movies, to games to the iPhone. And I was stating how I actually look
forward to change. First we was talking bout the growth of the James
Bond movies. He was saying he misses the gadgets and what not, but I
was saying this is a different type of Bond, and the gadgets are kinda
hookey and goofy. And he was like "All the previous ones had gadgets,
this should have it too." I said, this ain't like the previous Bonds,
he's hands on, he don't need a gadget to open a door, he'll kick it
open. Next we was talking bout games, and my enjoyment of playing
online. He doesn't like it, and whether have people come over his
crib, but I'm all like 1. U live 20 minutes out the way, I don't wanna
make that drive all the time 2. Sometimes it's nice to play at home
and still play with ur friends. Personally I don't want to get Into
this too much. Lastly, I was like the new software for the iPhone came
out, u download it yet? And he was like jaw, I don't feel like
jailbreaking it again (hacking the software so u can do more with the
phone). But I was like they released a jailbreak for it, and the
update fixes a lot of issues with the phone. Sometimes I wonder, are
people jus so comfortable in their spot that they are to lazy/nervous
to risk anything? Without risk we wouldn't have music, art, tv,
anything. Without risk I wouldn't be on this damn phone. Oh snap, it's
my turn in the chair, I'll holla at ya later.

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Weezy would be proud.