Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Washington Dulles Airport Can Suck It

So I truely dislike Dulles airport. First and foremost, it's so fucking far away. Why the fuck do I feel like I'm driving for hours on end when I gotta come out to this bitch, even when I'm out in Reston it still feels far. These fuckers threw away most of my shit, I'm talking bout my brand new toothpaste, my Nivea lotion and some hair care products. Ain't it funny how I could easily get that thru DCA, DTW and New Orleans with no issue, but once I go thru this fuck place all my shit goes in the trash. Fuck Dulles airport, fuck their over eager TSA and fuck the terrorist who made flying such a fucking issue. Thank you dumb fucks, cause now I have to be at the airport 2 hours early to wait for an hour flight. How the fuck i'm suppose to continue to keep my teeth pearly white, how the fuck am I suppose keep moisturized? I hate this bullshit, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. So as I get to my seat, I'll have to retire from this post. Cause u know I gotta turn my device off....fuck Dulles airport and fuck them damn terrorists for fucking everything up for everyone.

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Cheesy Cheese Grill said...

I am too delicious

Thumper said...

Remember that part in Bambi when his mom dies? That's how sad I felt when I read this post.

I'm crying for you. :'(