Saturday, January 31, 2009

First here, then to Facebook

I'll put this on Facebook, but I wanted to put it on here first...count it as a post lol.

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Power Ranger, however I'm 23 and I still want to be a ninja.

2. I'd like to have a Giant Robot to stomp around in and fight evil.

3. I have a very active imagination. I think I end up making people think I'm crazy because of some of the stories that are crafted.

4. As you can tell by the first 3 things, I'm a kid at heart.

5. I like to freestyle when no one is around.

6. Even though it seems like I love it, I often hate to always be the leader. I'd wish other people would take point and figure out what the hell is going on.

7. I have a crazy sneaker addiction, I rather wear sneakers than anything else. If I had the bread, I'd buy 3 pair of each shoe; one to display, one to wear, and one to wear after I fuck up the pair I just wore.

8. I wish I had the ability to teleport like in that movie Jumper and telekinesis.

9. I happen to be shy at times.

10. I am Bi-Polar which in the end makes me kind of unpredictable. I can be very hype and energetic at one point, but then mood switch to the opposite fairly quickly. It also prompted me to take about 3200 MGs at one time of pain medication one day.

11. I'm tired of trying to fit in.

12. I will go to the end of the universe for my family and friends... which I think I have on a few occasions.

13. I have an issue of showing my emotions to the people that matter.

14. I want to travel, go places like Tokyo, Madrid, London, etc. Personally, I'd like to go without anyone knowing so I could be considered missing.

15. My Middle Name is Reed.

16. I get my outspokenness and outgoingness from my Dad

17. I used to enjoy being everyone's friend and the "go to guy", but lately I'm starting to notice that people who I thought were my friends aren't holding their own.

18. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not Arabic, Ethiopian, Dominican or Puerto Rican....I'm black. With that said, I'm also not Swizz Beatz or John Legend.

19. I used to run track and be damn good at it.

20. I'm scared of zombies.

21. I hate being disliked.

22. I hate talking on the phone, but catch me on AIM and we can talk for days.

23. Even though I'm pretty cool, I'm a huge nerd. I like to play video games, and all that stuff. Ay Woods, what's up on that L4D?

24. I think I haven't reached my full potential, however I'm nervous that I have.

25. At times I hate who I am and I wish I could disappear and start a new life somewhere else.

1 comment:

"pete" said...

I think I knew about 2/3 of this stuff.

But 24 and 25 made me sad. Really sad. I wish you could see what I've seen and know just how incredible you are...

You surprise me all the time with new ideas and dreams and skills and abilities I never knew you had, but always knew you were capable of. And I know I'm not alone.

That's all.